Adventure sports that you must try in 2017

Don’t you wish sometimes wish that you were still a child? Not for the boring kindergarten life and learning your A, B, C’s but for the lack of inhibitions and fears. You try the most daring of things in your childhood without blinking an eye and all that mattered every day was that you got your share of the adrenaline rush which made the yelling from the adults afterward totally worthwhile. There was no thought of tomorrow or what could happen; it was just living in the moment that mattered. But then we grew up and as adults, there’s so much on our plate there’s little else to do but worry our heads over the most trivial matters. In the everyday rush of life, we forget what we had in our childhood, a free and open mind without any restrictions. Granted that as adults we have a lot more responsibilities on our shoulders and more sense than to act upon the impulse, but it doesn’t hurt to try being a child again and relive those memories by doing something daring and inducing an adrenaline rush that will rival those of your childhood memories. And with the long holidays around the corner, we’ve got just the thing for you try, Adventure Sports!

As we see it there are several bonuses here, one you get the same adrenaline rush without the impending yelling that would have been part of your childhood adventures and next you get to go to exotic locales to try out these adventure sports and more importantly you can leave adulting behind for those boring ones who refuse move out of their comfort zones. 2017 is the year you let go of your fears and embrace your adventure seeking spirit and enjoy it with your heart and soul. So without further ado let’s go look at things which will make us scream our lungs out and make the boring ones eat their hearts out!

Scuba Diving

How about holding your breath underwater and swimming with the fishes? Does it seem adventurous enough to your adrenaline craving soul? Why limit yourself to the confines of a swimming pool when there’s an open ocean out there with exotic, aquatic life busily building their lives down there on the ocean floor. It’s time to unleash your inner water baby and don that wet suit and scuba gear for it’s time to explore SpongeBob’s world. While it might not be exactly heart stopping as some others on this list, it sure is a challenging sport which will leave you extremely satisfied for the sea comes with its own kind of dangers hidden in its murky depths.

Where to go?

The world is surrounded by oceans with the best scuba diving spots and the internet is full of them too. But some of the best spots happen to be in Indonesia, Micronesia, Malaysia and not to mention Australia. But if budget is your concern, fret not for we have some beautiful oceans in our own backyard Goa, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, and Pondicherry have some great spots where you can go scuba diving.

Bungee Jumping

Nothing says adrenaline rush like throwing yourself off a few hundred meters from the surface! And Bungee jumping is an adventure sports pioneer which has been giving people some really great thrills for a long time now. With only your feet anchored with a rope it takes quite a lot of courage and quite a bit of “What’s the worst that could happen?” attitude to take that leap of faith into the vast nothingness that seems horrifyingly deathly and of course, it goes without saying that this particular adventure isn’t for the faint hearted. While the movies make it look so enticing the reality is that you’ll be fretting for hours before you jump.

Where to go?

For those restricted because of their budget try Jumping Heights in Rishikesh, Ozone Adventures, Bangalore, Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa are a few places you can test your mettle without breaking the bank, but if you’re that much of a daredevil and heights don’t scare you in the least then you should definitely try the world’s tallest Bungee jump in Macau Tower (764 ft), China, or fulfil your James Bond fantasies at Switzerland's Verzasca Dam (720 ft), or Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa (709 ft).


If heights are your thing but you’re skeptical about hurling yourself off a cliff then you should definitely try zip-line. Basically, it’s a pulley suspended on a cable made of stainless steel usually mounted on a slope. People are physically attached to the cable using a harness that is attached to a removable trolley, sounds scary yes, but it is an adventure sport after all and trust us, gliding across a valley or canyon while being harnessed to a cable is a few hundred metres above the ground is a surreal feeling and gives a rush like no other.

Where to go?

You can try Gravity Canyon, New Zealand, Arenal Volcano Park, Costa Rica where you’ll be ziplining through a jungle, over Arenal Lake and finally right over an active volcano that erupted last in 1984, Labadee, Haiti which proclaims to be the longest zipline over water in the world; it runs 2,600 feet over a cove or head to Whistler, British Columbia. For those who are on a budget and get to these exotic foreign locales and can’t wait too long to zipline then you can head to Bangalore, Delhi, Punjab, Bhopal and Uttrakhand where you can get your thrill from ziplining without going bankrupt.

Glacier Climbing

Yes, you heard right; apparently, this is an adventure sport too and may we just add that it is by far the coolest adventure sport listed here, literally. It’s similar to mountain climbing but way more difficult when you factor in weather and all that ice. Do not try this for cheap thrills, it is dangerous and needs to be done with the help of a knowledgeable guide or training schools. For the ones who don’t want to risk life and a limb you can try the comparatively safer yet still exhilarating and lethal glacier treks

Where to go?

Josteda Ice Cap (Norway), Vatnajökull (Iceland). Or the much cheaper excursion to Gomukh glacier, India, but still boasts some breathtaking vistas of the Himalayas or go to the Khatling Glacier trek and now you can even trek to Siachen glacier with the Indian Army while wading through thigh deep snow in sub zero temperatures as low as and altitudes ranging between 12,000 ft and 18,000 ft.


Spelunking or caving is a very rare sport where you go about discovering new caves. As simple as it sounds; it’s quite a challenging task and each new cave brings with it a whole gamut of challenges starting with the absence of light after the entrance, negotiating pitches (steep sections that might require a rope to go across), squeezes and most often water hazards too and not to mention the cave dwellers; the snakes, lizards and other animals that call these caves home and let’s not even think of June Moon from Suicide Squad getting possessed by an ancient enchantress all because she wanted to go spelunking! Well if all the challenges mentioned haven’t spooked you yet, you can do it in groups as part of team building exercises unless you’re a pro and like being a solo explorer.

Where to go?

Kangur Ice cave in Russia, Son Doong Cave in Vietnam, Karjini in Australia, Crystal caves in Iceland are some of the best places in the world to go spelunking and of course, you can discover some more on your own.


If you’ve ever envied sea gulls their winged mobility and their ability to ascend the skies and look down upon the sea while floating majestically ahead of mere mortals confined to the ground by gravity, then here’s your chance at being one of them for a little while at least; Parasailing on the waters will make you live out your avian dream with the salty sea breeze whipping your face while our enthusiastic whooping fills the air. Now you can even parasail on land where the parasail is towed to a maximum height using a powerful 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Where to go?

You’ll find parasailing at pretty much most of the beaches across the world. In India, you can go parasailing at Baga beach during sunset for an unforgettable, magical experience. Calangute and Candolim beaches also do offer to parasail. You can go land parasailing in Jakkur, Bangalore.


Continuing on the jumping off a cliff theme; yes, we do love anything to do with heights, it’s time to go paragliding and no, parasailing and paragliding aren’t the same! As crazy and dangerous as it is it would be entirely a wonderful experience to hurl yourself off great heights and float and sail through the air without plummeting down to a gory death, that’s all there is to paragliding! You sit on a harness attached to a fabric wing and fly for a few kilometers. An experienced paraglider can go on flying for hours even though it isn’t powered by an engine.

Where to go?

Bir Billing and Manali are popular paragliding destinations in India with stunning vistas of the Himalayas providing a visual treat for your eyes as you float across crisp mountain air, Nandi Hills near Bangalore and Pawana dam near Pune is also famous for paragliding. Chamonix / Mont Blanc, France is another famous paragliding destination along with Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany, and Babadag (Olüdeniz), Turkey.

Sky Diving

Apparently jumping out of an airborne plane with a parachute isn’t just for emergencies anymore! You can do it for recreation as well to send those adrenal glands into overdrive! Well if jumping out of an airplane with only a parachute strapped onto your body isn’t adrenaline inducing, we don’t know what is! This awe inducing adventure sport with the right training and safety measures (did you really think you could just strap on a helmet and parachute and drop off a plane with a big smile and cheery wave?) will be a life changing experience while you view the world from the skies as you freefall with your body cutting through the wind, amazing right? Again all those of you who’ve envied birds and love heights this is just the thing for you, as for the others what better way to conquer your fears than to drop down several thousand meters from the sky?

Where to go?

You can go skydiving in India at Mysore, Karnataka, Dhana in Madhya Pradesh, Aamby Valley in Maharashtra and Deesa in Gujarat if you’re on a budget but if you can spare the cash for a luxury vacation then try skydiving in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, Mount Everest, Nepal with Everest Skydive, Livingstone, Zambia, Grand Canyon, U.S.A. or Cape Town, South Africa or even Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

River Rafting or White water rafting

Rivers always test your mettle, especially the unpredictable ones with turbulent waters that boil and churn on their way down mountains or in the middle of forests on their way to the ocean; and what better way for the adrenaline junkie to spend his/her day than to try taming the rushing waters of the rivers across Rapids on an inflatable boat? Assemble your team, brush up on your swimming skills and build up your strength before you get on that raft and try to stay upright as you navigate your way through rivers with monsoon filled waters and rocky outcrops that increase the speed of the already rushing at breakneck speed water. Be prepared to get wet and thoroughly enjoy yourself for by the time you return the pleasant drenching will give way to sore muscles and bone numbing cold! But it will be an adventure worth every single penny.

Where to go?

Our own Rishikesh has been a favorite river rafting destination for adventure junkies from all across the world over the years that come to tame the mighty Ganga. Zanskar and Indus rivers in Ladakh, the Spiti River in Himachal Pradesh, Kolad in Maharashtra, Teesta River in Sikkim, Darjeeling and Tons river in Garhwal, Uttarakhand, Kaveri and Dandeli Rivers in Karnataka are also famous river rafting destinations in India. Alternatively, you can travel abroad to these destinations; Alsek and Tatshenshini Rivers, Alaska/Canada, Río Upano, Ecuador, Futaleufú River, Chile, Sun Kosi River, Nepal, North Johnstone River, Australia, Çoruh River, Turkey, Noce River, Italy or Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia.


And finally, we have snow, who doesn’t love snow, that perfect white, crystalline powder that falls down from the skies and freezes everything it falls on and renders the world completely white! If snow and you are made for each other, then skiing couldn't be far away from our favorite things too or at least it will be as soon as you zip down mountains on skis with the wind whooshing in your face. This is another sport which includes great heights, the only difference is you don’t jump off those mountains but rather, you glide down gracefully. Not that this sport isn’t dangerous, it’s got its fair share of challenges what with snow being slippery as well as the unpredictable weather. But it’s definitely fun and perfect for the adrenaline junkie who loves mountains.

Where to go?

Skiing isn’t exactly a cheap sport, but you could still go to Jammu and Kashmir, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh to try it. Alternatively you could hit these ski towns for a run on those exotic, foreign pistes; Niseko Village (Japan), Breuil-Cervinia (Italy), La Grave (France), Mzaar (Lebanon), Murren-Schilthorn (Switzerland), Ski Krasnaya Polyana (Russia), Grandvalira (Andorra) or Valle Nevado (Chile).


We’ve given you pretty much most adventure sports that’ll get your adrenal glands working overtime. Now it’s up to you to decide and get going on that trip to make some amazing memories. Now a word of caution if you will, all these adventure sports are extremely dangerous and is not to taken light heartedly, those safety measures are there for your safety’s sake and do not try to skip training sessions and if you aren’t serious enough don’t attempt them. Adrenaline rush is one thing, but putting yourself at death’s door for a whim is definitely not advised. But having said that, be prepared and have loads of fun.

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