What Kind of Traveler Are You?

What Kind of Traveler Are You?

Who doesn’t love traveling? Hectic work schedules, troublesome colleagues, annoying meetings, break-ups, catching up with friends after a long time, bought a new vehicle or a long weekend.. ANYTHING! Travel is the best answer to anything that comes up, happy or sad! When we decide to travel, most of us put great efforts in choosing the place, the stay, number of days we travel, the budget, possibly everything except one; and that one thing being the most important.. Their travel companion. Traveling alone is for one category but for the rest, its just not their forte.


People come in all shapes and sizes. They come with different mentalities. They have various preferences and different expectations. And this is not just with people in general; it is specific to travelers too. Have you ever wondered if your fellow traveler was comfortable with you or have you ever felt uncomfortable with the person traveling with you? If you have experienced either of the above, its high time you start thinking about what kind of traveler you are and also what kind of travelers are the best for you to tag along with.

So what kind of traveler are you? There are way too many kinds of travelers. But can you travel with every kind keeping pace with them? This article narrows down the most common type of travelers and may be at the end you will find an answer to my question!

The Wanderer


Are you one of those people who would just wake up one morning, and tell yourself “I think I need a vacation” and pack your bags, eenie minnie miney mo a place and book a one way ticket; you have no clue where you would stay or what you would do, but you still feel confident about everything. Everything was just so spontaneous that by the time anyone realized you were missing, you were already having the time of your life? If you can relate to this, then you definitely are a Wanderer. Wanderers, are the most instinctive and optimistic people in the travelers category.

The Paparazzi


The most common type of travelers today, they are always seen with that one prop that gives them this name. Almost every group has one or more Paparazzi that makes us all a celebrity with their amazing talent in photography.. Or wait! May be just the lights, camera and editing. These guys just cannot be stopped from taking pictures of anything and anyone. But whatever might be the case, they are the ones that help us relive the memories even after 50 years and of course give us the best profile pictures!

The “High” Lad


Well, this is to all those lads that party all the time! Drinking and rolling joints with their peeps may be their perfect idea of a trip. But they probably are the travelers that make the least mess and enjoy the most. They stick to their business and are ready to climb mountains, scuba dive, trek for days, anything! For they are in their own world and until you do not disturb their space, they do not make a mess.

The Know-It-All


The name says it all! Well, there is nothing that this guy doesn’t know or that’s at least what he says. It may be his first time to the place but wait.. His great uncle’s grandmother’s nephew’s granddaughter used to live there 10 years ago.. So why shouldn’t he know about the place? Like the roads, the restaurants, the culture and the food.. He knows it all! And guess what? You just know nothing. These guys are a bit more than annoying but if you give no ears to them, you can still have a good time.

The Complainer


We all have one of them in our groups. Even the most perfect thing has to have a small complaint in it. From the roads are rugged, I feel sick, my shower isn’t working, the food sucks… you just go tired listening to their complaints! They are pessimistic and most of the times drain out energy from the entire group. The only thing we can do about these people is console them or the last thing to do would be ignore their complaints and have fun.

The Foodie


These guys are my personal favorites. They are the kind of people that are open to experimenting themselves with food. Travel to a new place and try a delicacy is one category of these people. But there are a few others who would probably visit a city just to try the food there. Well.. whatever their plan for the trip is, food is definitely their top priority in their travel!

The Fashionista


This is the “I am ready for a photo anytime” kind! This is to the peeps who love to be in fashion anywhere-anytime. They are trendy, sexy and very stylish and probably always dressed just perfect for the season. They are high-flyers and definitely do not compromise on fashion! Most of them go back home with an extra luggage because these guys are definitely extravagant shoppers!

The Backpacker


These guys are the minimalists. I mean.. one jean, 5 tee’s and they are done for a 10 day trip! One backpack with the most minimum things they would use in a trip is all they need to survive an entire vacation. Simple yet very organized, this is the “Bear Grylls” kind of people that know how to survive in any place, at any situation with just the one backpack they brought! Their backpack is definitely their holy grail!

The House Mover


House movers are probably the most home sick people when it comes to trips. These are the folks that carry 5 bags for a week’s vacation just because they do not want to leave behind anything at home and regret later in the trip. They are not just well planned for the trip.. they are over planned! Like they freak out if it might pour cats and dogs in Dubai on an afternoon in April and take 3 extra clothes a two extra shoes.. just in case! And lets not forget their shopping that doubles their luggage when they leave!

The Business Tripper


Remember the good old times when dad used to go on business trips? Well, those were the days when business trips were strictly for business! Now most business trips are to Goa or Maldives or Bangkok! We all have seen at least one business tripper in our lives.. He usually doesn’t travel much and definitely does not join you on trips. But the second the company talks about a business trip, he’s always on the top of the list!

We hope you now can define what kind of traveler you are. So the next time you travel, pick the right companion and have lots of fun!

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Happy Traveling! :)

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