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The energy that pops up every time you plan a vacation is surprisingly an energy booster. But with the increasing popularity of social media we sure come across many quotes and also sometimes as an early good morning message that inspires us to kick start a better day. Here I will bring you some interesting travel inspiration quotes that will make you want to pack and leave the town right away!

1. A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not ships are built for!

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Isn’t that such an inspiring quote by itself? The meaning is very much self explanatory which means that one cannot experience life to its fullest by staying at one place. Life is meant to get out of the comfort zone and explore broadening our horizons and taking new risks which helps you to grow as an individual person to achieve our goals. When you travel and explore new places there is so much more to learn and everything is not possible when one is stuck in a place for long time and do not wish to learn. In short start dreaming, and visit the places, even if you fail at least you’ve tried reaching your goal.

2. The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page!

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This quote is very interesting and can be easily understood if you are wanderlust. Some of them feel very safe in their towns or cities or rather scared of travelling to new places. Of course it’s not possible to travel the whole globe around unless you don’t have jobs and are filthy rich! But making travel one of your priorities opens new opportunities to learn new cultures, languages & traditions. Even a small drive to the nearby temple or a hike along with your fun gang can be an eye opener. Not everything in life can be learnt through spending time in your home city. There’s a lot more waiting to be explored.

3. Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you travelled!

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A famous saying by Prophet Mohammed. Most of them believe that by attaining multiple degrees they achieve a lot and they have mastered the art of life. But what is the meaning in learning so much when you haven’t travelled enough to learn about new places. With the technology in its peak, we sure can read a lot about all the places; but true learning lies in exploring the places in person. If you keenly observe the people who have lived most of their life travelling or travel often have better perspective towards life. Travelling is one of the biggest educations that can be self taught. Each place has its own uniqueness that cannot be defined in any books but only experienced.

4. Travelling: it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller!

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The world is such a paradise by itself and those who travel often know the feel of the speechless moments. When you learn about the beauty of the place and how well designed our nature is, it leaves your blank. All you want to do is just sit there in silence and admire the beauty. Be it a place of history or architecture or just the nature. But once you return I’m sure you have 101 stories to share it with your family and friends. Describing the place, how different it was from your regular lifestyle, the people you met, the new delicacies you tasted and so much more to talk about. It’s amazing how travelling often can completely turn you into a story writer (just like me)!

5. Travel makes one modest; you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world!

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Have you wondered that you and your problems seem so large that they trouble your daily schedules and you seem to be in a dead-end situation? Most of us are like that. Travelling also helps broaden this perspective. The world is filled with such amazing wonders which are breath-taking and exuberant. Only when you travel to such magnificent place you would understand that there is so much to see in this world that all we know so far is absolutely nothing. Not just the places but to learn about the different kinds problems the world faces will open up your minds to understand how tiny we are on this planet.

6. Travel far enough to meet yourself!

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This sounds like such a simple statement, yet so powerful. New places have the magic of bringing the creative side of you. Sure it makes you a story teller, but that beautiful sunrise might want you to try painting or capturing that moment which will lead you to a talented photographer. It makes you wonder how you different life suddenly becomes in a new place with new people. Especially if you enjoy travelling alone, then you have much more to learn by yourself with the new kind of responsibilities. Only travel can teach you all this. How would you learn to be independent and confident enough to take care of yourself if you don’t have the enthusiasm to travel? So travel so far that you meet the new you!

7. Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times!

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All wanderlusts have a huge lot of stuff to see in our bucket lists. I’m sure even those who have absolutely no interest in travelling as well have a dream of seeing a magical land once in a lifetime with their loved ones. You might hear a lot of travel stories from others but nothing can compensate the experience of you visiting it once. As I told you earlier you will have a brand new storyteller in you sharing the experience in your own words which will be an everlasting memory for lifetime. It’s time to plan a vacation to your dream destination and make that happen.

8. Fear is only temporary, Regrets last forever!

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This is pretty much the truth in our daily lives as well. Right? If we always fear about taking chances to explore or try out the new things, we shall always be left behind. So is the case when it comes to travel as well. You might be comforted now, but later when there is a lot of time and money but no energy to travel, you shall regret the opportunities that you missed in your young age. Risks are dangerous but not when you succeed in a big step. Even if you fear about travelling alone, be courageous and take that step, it will make one hell of a memory worth your lifetime. Before it’s too late to regret, make plans and start travelling.

It’s evident that all of us have different quotes that inspire us in various ways. I hope I was successful with picking up a few to inspire you to travel. Every journey comes with new lessons bringing new purpose to life. Never stop yourself from getting inspired to travel. Life is a lesson, we are all here to learn in various ways in which travelling becomes a most important one!

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