How to Pack Life into a Carry-On

We all love travelling, don’t we? But there is something that we all need to do before we travel. Oh yes! Packing it is. Some of you start packing way before you start our travel and some of you are last minute packers. Some of you despise packing. Some of you stress over it till you don’t finish packing. So which category do you fall into? But the bigger question is what kind of a packer are you? Are you someone who travels with more than required number of bags or someone who believes in travelling light that is packing life into a carry-on?

If you ask me, the best thing you can do is travel light, be it a leisure trip or a business trip. You know what’s even better; travelling with just a carry-on bag and not with a check-in bag. Did it just cross your mind that travelling with just a carry-on bag is not humanly possible? If you just thought that then you have landed on the right page as it clearly says that you are someone who travels with more number of bags than just required. Keep reading to find out how it is actually possible to pack life into a carry-on.

Necessities and NO More

When you are travelling, do not pack your entire wardrobe in that suitcase. Resist yourself to only the necessities. You don’t need to pack a separate lower for every t-shirt or shirt or top that you wear. So pair your clothes in a way that you can carry minimal lowers for multiple uppers. The same logic applies to your footwear as well. Pack only two footwear (apart from the one that you would wear on your flight), one could be a formal one and one casual that goes with all your footwear. I would personally suggest you wear a pair of sneakers on the flight as that does occupy a lot of space in the bag.

Roll up your clothes

Carry-on is definitely smaller when compared to the check-in bag. Thus, you should always roll up your clothes and then pack. You will be amazed to see the amount of space that you would space because of this simple trick.

Layered Packing than Random Packing

While you pack, to utilize the space in an optimum way you should always pack in layers rather than throwing things in the bags the way they show in most of the movies (Where angry actress throws things in the bag with hangers. Well that happens only in movies). So instead of stacking up one side of your things in the bag, spread it evenly and in layers. You will be surprised to know the amount of space that you could save.

The essentials that you can’t live without

Some of us are so particular about the essentials that we use that we cannot compromise on it especially the toiletries. But how do we carry them in a carry-on? You should go grab the travel size products of your essentials so that it occupies less space and you don’t have to travel without them. Also, thanks to the 100 ml rule that the airlines have established. This way you can’t travel with bigger size even if you want to. So grab all your essentials and put them in a zip-lock pouch, so that it in one place and also easier during your formalities at the airport.

Weather in the Visiting City

This is one major aspect that you need to consider before you start packing. Depending on the weather, you can plan your packing. Summer and spring clothes will hardly take any space in your bag. But God forbid if it is winter, the jacket will take up half the space in your bag. What do you do in this case? Do not pack it in your bag. Carry it in your hand because anyway as soon as you land this is the first thing you will need.

The Bag Needs a Breathing Space too!

The whole idea of the carry-on bag is so that you can travel light and stuffing the bag till no space is left in the bag makes the idea void. Pack the necessities and make sure you have space in your bag. This mainly is necessary because of the shopper that’s inside you. When you travel, you are ought to buy something from there. If you stuff everything in your bag then where would you incorporate the newly shopped things? So pack with keeping in mind that you would shop from the city you are going to visit.

Something you should always carry

Whichever place you are travelling to, you should always carry one pair of formal clothes and the accessories with it (footwear, belt, and bow-tie). This can be required for meetings or dinner places with a dress code or even parties and casinos.

Electronics, Cables and More

The OCD lovers must already be aware of this. The rest of you out there, there are organizers available to keep your chargers, cables, headphones, power bank, iPod and much more. Invest in one of the organizers and you are good to go. The best part is this will save a lot of space.

Foldable Duffle Bag

You should always have a foldable duffle bag that is weightless and hardly takes any space. This duffle bag should be always kept inside your bag for worst case emergencies. It could just be your need of the hour when you land up shopping in extra.

“I don’t need to be in that bag”

A lot of us stuff in things that aren’t even required with just that one thought ‘What if I need it’. All the things that fall under that category need not be packed. To name a few things in that category would be an iron box, hair dryer, towels, laundry bag, sheets, and food products.

Laptop Bag or Backpack

The airline allows you carry two bags in the flight – one is your carry-on bag and the other is your personal bag. For guys, this personal bag is usually the formal laptop bag or a backpack. But all you ladies out there, it could be your handbag. This means you have to make space for your laptop in your carry-on. That’s a big no. Carry a laptop bag in which you can keep your laptop and also stuff in your handbag. You can also accommodate a few handy things like your headphones and shades in your backpack instead of the carry-on bag.

Once you are done packing your life into a carry-on, don’t stress on the things you have forgotten because you will find everything that you need in the city you visit.

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