Imagine waking up in surroundings that are lush green and soothingly wet with dew drops, the sweet chirping of birds, rustling of leaves that signals the walking by of a gentle animal – well, just imagining this has put me in a trance and I want to pack my bags and leave for a vacation right now!

Once in a while, difficult as it may sound, we need to come out of our comfort zone, pop our little bubble and involve ourselves in some different activity. This is the reason for writing this piece on jungle resorts.

We can show the kids today, what it is to see and listen to animals that they generally see in books and more often on mobiles and tablets – which they zoom in and out with their fingers! Wouldn’t it be enthralling to see the wildlife in action? Getting to bird-watch in the early hours of a beautiful crisp morning?

Apart from being in the middle of the jungle, there are plenty of fun activities that you can do as well. Most resorts offer many adventurous activities that you can take part in – you can choose the difficulty level according to ages in your group. A few of the activities include – trekking, campfires, kayaking, bird watching, boat rides, jeep safari, river rafting etc.

We are lucky enough to have amidst the lives we lead, places we can go to for a retreat, reenergize and revitalize ourselves. Although there are many stays across India, we will look at the five impressive resorts in Coorg, Karnataka (also called the Scotland of India) - that have been carefully included inside the forest so we can have a relaxing vacation in the lap of Nature.

1. The Windflower Resort and Spa, Mercara.

This resort and spa are located in the middle of 34 biodiversity hotspots. Spread over 25 acres of a scenic coffee estate, Windflower also encloses a lake. There is also a semi-private waterfall that the resort staff can take you to in their jeeps. People who want to try fishing or are experts can hop over to the lake and enjoy some alone time (Fishing!).

The outdoor activities off resort include – Monsoon Ride, Trekking, and Jeep Safari.

Monsoon Ride – this is basically riding bikes during the monsoon rains. This could be tricky if proper precautions haven’t been taken. You have to be very careful so you don’t skid. But then again, this is an adventure! Riding in the rain is in itself such an activity that increases your adrenaline levels!

Trekking – this activity involves a lot of walking. So, make sure you carry the right pair of shoes if you are interested in this. Trekking involves exploring untouched wilderness and plantations on foot. You might need to carry your own backpack with water, pain relieving balms and a few energy bars!

Jeep Safari – this is a ride in the resort’s jeeps that are convertibles, it takes you inside the jungle where the natural habitat of the wild animals is. You get to see animals in their own spaces.There are also many outdoor and indoor games present on the resort premises that you can enjoy along with a magnificent pool!

2. Evergreen County, Virajpet

Surrounded by Silver Oak, Pepper Plantations, Coffee, Fruit and Vegetable Garden and a Pet Zoo…this is where the Evergreen County welcomes you into. Truly a jungle resort, the ambiance of this resort is nature adventure at its best!

They have bamboo, cane, and wooden cottages and also camping with makeshift tents to add an extra wow element to your jungle experience. If staying in this theme resort which reflects the nature and culture of Coorg wasn’t enough; they have various activities for all age groups – Rafting, Night Plantation Trial, Camping, Bonfires, Barbecues, Trekking and Summer Camps.

The lesser known adventure activity here is the Night Adventure or the Night Plantation Trail. What is it? Read on.

Plantation Trails are basically long walks through the resort property to indulge in some nature. Exploring the many trees that are present, the birds and animals that linger around those trees. Night Trekking or Plantation Trail is also similar but during nights when the surroundings are even calmer and the night animals come out.

3. Little Jungle Homestay, Somwarpet

For a laid back stay that makes you feel like being home, Little Jungle Homestay is the best choice. This resort is located amidst huge coffee plantations that also harvests Pepper, Cardamom, and Vanilla.

The homestay staff organizes a trek in their coffee plantation which is refreshing and you can finish off with a strong cup of Coorg coffee that completely re-energises you!

The unique feature of this homestay is that they have a golf club in close proximity. They have Estate Nature Walks, Bird watching, Campfires apart from the trekking activity. Little Jungle also offers many indoor games for children and adults too.

4. Porcupine Castle, Pollibetta

This resort is the perfect place to enjoy a luxurious stay. It is located on a hilltop, surrounded by a thick cover of Coffee Plantation, the resort is home to thousands of exotic birds like the Great Pied Hornbills, Blue Winged Parakeets, and Laughing Thrushes to name a few.

The staff can take you to bird watching, trekking, nature walk and a trail to see the beautiful coffee plantations and enjoy the coffee they make. The resort has a fantastic pool with breath-taking views, one can see the jaw-dropping views from the pool which is located high up. If you are a Nature Enthusiast then you should come up to the pool as this the perfect spot for sunrise and sunsets, complementing these is the lush green aromatic belt of coffee.

Porcupine Castle takes part in Eco Tourism, which means they give back to Nature what they take from it and you can be part of this effort. They plant more trees and also work with the locals here to improve the ecology of the place and conserve its flora and fauna.

5. Kadkani Resort, South Coorg

This resort in Coorg overlooks the river Cauvery along with its Jungle ambiance.Almost all resorts in Coorg and even houses are surrounded by huge plantations, mainly Coffee, and this resort is no less. The specialty of this resort and why it has made it to this list is because of its closeness to nature – with the River Cauvery flowing right by it.

The resort offers many facilities like indoor games if you just want to chill or even outdoor activities like – River Rafting, Fishing, Swimming, Bonfire and other cultural events associated with the Coorg people if you are looking for adventure!

They also have golf which can be learned from experts on the property. The resort also lets you rope traverse on the river Cauvery, where you can even spend time just gazing into the depths of trees and water.

Rope traversing is an act of crossing a river with the help of a rope which is tied to either bank. This is an adventure activity and not just limited to rivers, it can be done on mountains, trees and during rock climbing.

During the night time, guests can also enjoy the barbecue on the property.

6. Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

If just looking at animals isn’t your thing, head over to the Dubare Elephant Camp in Coorg. This camp is situated a little way ahead than Siddapura, you will have to cross the River Cauvery in a coracle to reach the camp.

The adventure just begins from here – at the camp, the guests and tourists are welcome to be among the elephants. Observe their daily activities. The guests are allowed to interact, play with the elephants and give them a bath.

This could be for those people who are more adventurous when it comes to animals. You can hang around these gentle giants in their own habitat and be a part of their lifestyle.

7. Coorg Jungle Camp, Kushalnagar

Located on the backwaters of the River Harangi, this resort is a little delight. This place is best suited for large gatherings. The resort is surrounded by dense plantations among which is also Coffee, which Coorg is famous for.

The greenery around this place is something we yearn for. For team outings at your office, I would suggest the Coorg Jungle Camp. The camp offers a ton of activities – indoor and outdoor.

The resort offers a boat ride in the backwaters where you can enjoy the beauty of the calm waters of the River Harangi. River Harangi is a tributary of the River Cauvery.

If you fancy swimming, the resort boasts a lavish pool where you can chill out. Or if you have children with you, the place has a playground with slides, swings and much more.

8. Misty Woods, Kakkabe

Meandering your way through winding roads, which is fenced with coffee and paddy fields, you will reach Misty Woods. A resort which is located in the mountain range Karadi Moole will entice you with the fragrant smells of cardamom, honey, and oranges.

Misty woods apart from being a jungle resort is a perfect scene which you can imagine – mountain ranges, beautiful green plantations on each side and water flowing by the stay. A perfect picture to be painted! These small tributaries tend to become waterfalls during the monsoon, claims the resort. This is just super fun and adventurous! For people who want it all at one place – we present to you the Misty Woods.

The resort has a pool, organizes plantation trails, etc. you can enjoy their indoor and outdoor games as well. Trekking is the most fun activity in a resort of this ambiance.

9. Silver Oaks, Kunda

Situated at an altitude of 2,500 feet above sea level, this resort gets its name from the Silver Oak trees that are dispersed over 10 hectares. Overlooking the resorts are coffee and spice plantations which you can walk through to enjoy nature at its best.

For trekking enthusiasts, there is the famous Kunda Hill which is 4,500 feet above sea level. This will give a fantastic climb and also a magnificent view from above!

There are various games on the premises of the resort, but just because you are away to enjoy nature, you must try – fishing, jungle stream bathing, wildlife spotting, jungle treks and paddle boating in the lake.

10. Heritage Resort, Monnangeri Village

If you want luxury in the middle of a jungle, then Heritage Resort is the place you want to book right now! Heritage resort offers an extravagant stay for self-indulgence in the lap of nature. It is a perfect blend of tradition with modern facilities just like Coorg’s coffee.

Guests staying here can enjoy spa and pool facilities. For activities, they can take part in bird watching, cycling, trekking and the sorts.

This jungle resort has rock climbing and many other adventure sports that can be enjoyed by co-workers and families both.

We all live in a city that has become so congested and to face traffic every day can be stressful to the point of losing sanity.

The reason we need to go to resorts like these is to bring back ourselves to normalcy. To enjoy pristine nature in its actual habitat gives a sense of relaxation to the mind, body, and soul.

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